7 Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today

No matter how good you are at your dental profession, you still need to boost your name, your brand, and your reputation to gain and attract more customers. Creating and implementing a comprehensive dental marketing plan and strategy may take time, but many things can get started when you make it now. Here are some of the marketing ideas you can actually implement to help you practice marketing that can attract a constant flow of patients.  

Dental Marketing Ideas

Why you need a dental marketing plan? 

  • Determines vision for your practice and its mission 
  • Defines your business goals to be measurable, precise, and should map to a timeframe 
  • It identifies your potential target customers or market 
  • Comes up with proactive ideas to achieve business to success 
  • Helps your patients understand why your dental clinic is the one they should choose over the others 
  • Highlights what are the unique things about your business 

What are the dental marketing ideas you can use? 

  • Create your brand 

Your brand is your connection with your customer. It is the one who tells your customers the products and services and how unique you are from other competitors. You can actually start by making your own logo that reflects your office’s personality and what makes your products and services special.  

  • Create your website 

A website is the hub and reflection of all your marketing efforts. It must reflect with your brand, must be updated regularly, and designed to attract new patients. Here are some of the things to look for your website: 

  • Must be appealing to potential patients 
  • Unique practices that patients choose your clinic over the other competitors 
  • Website design must be easy to navigate 
  • Be responsive and designed for mobile compatibility 
  • Have professionally written content (e.g. blogs and articles) to persuade visitors 
  • Showcase professional photos of your business, clinic, and employees 
  • Provide call-to-action to encourage visitors to schedule an appointment 
  • Appreciate the power of reviews 

Reviews reflect your clinic’s name. You can actually set up on review sites like Yelp, HealthGrades, and Facebook too. You need to give thanks to positive feedbacks and reach out to those give negative feedback. 

  • Setup social media pages 

To be effective in the online community, being active in social media will boost out your online dental marketing strategy. A Facebook business page with information, high-quality profile photo, and cover photo can start engaging with your patients.  

  • Film patient testimonials 

Adding patient testimonial videos to add social proof to your patients. This can show the practices, products, and services you offer. 

  • Participate in your community 

This is always an engaging idea to attract more patients especially those who reside near your clinic’s location. This is not only to set up your name but shows how your clinic cares for the community. A little way of event sponsorship gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential patients. 

  • Take a look inside your dental practice 

In times of marketing your dental practice, you need to look for a bigger picture. Aside from evaluating your marketing outside the clinic, look also what happens inside. Making your staff knows how to handle your patients by giving a good customer service will let your patients feel accommodated.